Deborah’s Feng Shui consultation was an enjoyable and fascinating experience. Her help and advice have been invaluable while settling into my new home. I really appreciated her guidance while designing the layout of my rooms. She has helped to make my house a relaxed and comfortable place to live. Deborah’s work achieves the highest professional standards and she totally demystifies the historical art of Feng Shui. It’s an excellent service, well worth every penny!

Vanessa, Teacher, Dorset. I’ve noticed the energy change! Normally I am not one of those who notice energy but the home has been more relaxed since Deborah’s visit. I could not believe the changes that started to happen. My daughter now rings to have a chat and the whole environment is more peaceful!

Anjie, Shop Keeper, Dorset

I was struck by Deborah’s practical approach as well as her in depth knowledge. I was convinced by our first conversation that I could benefit from her expertise and I was right!
Trevor, Plumber, Hampshire.

Thank you so much again. I really am so excited to get my place together and I feel like our session was a catalyst. Grateful, grateful
Dee, Beauty Therapist, Herts. “It’s deep and it’s real!”


It was my background in natural healing, vibrational medicine, earth energies and art that lead me to Feng Shui 12 years ago. Feng Shui is based around the idea of chi the universal energy present in everything. Harnessing this energy and keeping its flow smooth and constant is the basis of a Feng Shui consultation.

Personally, I was intuitvely guided towards Feng Shui:
Unaware that I was practicing Feng Shui, I started to use basic cures: colours to enhance certain energies, keeping hallways clear, removing clutter and clearing the sleeping area of mirrors. I noticed an improvement in the clarity and quality of my life!

Next I started to move furniture and seating positions around my flat and felt the effect that it had on energy and vibration.
I decided to take a more in depth approach and studied the basic and then practitioner’s course at the Feng Shui Academy (FSSA accredited).
I am now a qualified practitioner with the Academy.

I am also a Feng Shu master  Reiki


I proficient with Bach flower remedies and continue to study ayurvedic medicine, yoga, colour therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (councelling).

I was first inspired by Feng Shui 15 years ago, when I decorating a new apartment. I noticed that things not only looked better, but felt better if arranged in a certain way. Soon after I was introduced to Feng Shui, and realized I had been intuitively putting some of laws of Feng Shui into practice! After reading up on the subject I decided to take professional certification and qualified as a practitioner with the Feng Shui Academy in 2009.

I offer a comprehensive, insightful service, based on understanding you and your priorities. I bring a wide range of holistic energetic healing skills into the consultation. I am a Reiki Master and have qualifications in NLP, Counselling, Life Coaching, Aura Soma, Anatomy and Nutrition, Interior Design and use the Bach Flower Remedies and Vibrational Healing Techniques including Crystals and Sound. I practice traditional (also known as classical) Feng Shui.

I am committed to healthy personal growth (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) through the understanding of energy principles in nutrition, exercise, healthy relationships and the development of awareness. I travel to India often, where I like to like to maintain Ayurvedic practices, including yoga, diet and meditation.