Feng Shui history concerns the ancient practice and art feng shui. This is something that amount Ancient Chinese is second nature. In order to get the true practice and meaning of this practice you have to go back to China or find someone in the Western world that is untainted with much of the miss-information about the practice.




The Asian cultures have a few consistent themes that are more important then many principles taught in other cultures. Asian cultures have always emphasized the need for one to be in harmony with those around them. They also tough the importance of balance, harmony and peace. Just thinking on these concepts is enough to settle many frayed nerves.

Feng shui includes the ancient Chinese practice of how experts believed that the earth resolved around a strong nucleus of power and energy. Everything is and has energy. If you study Quantum physics or just took basic science in high school, you will be studying about energy all the down to the atom, proton, neutron and many other particles.

The experts that teach this ancient art believe that by arranging ones home, furnishings, office buildings and many more items, that there was a way to get the universal energy to work in harmony and peace with the universal force or Chi. Balance is the chief principle here. Harmony and balance must always be thought of as well.




When feng shui history came to taught in the West, many teachers were teaching only a second hand version of the ancient art. They often were in hast to earn a fast dollar at the expense of delivering a watered down version of feng shui. This came at a time in United States history where the whole “New Age” movement began to take on a larger impact in the lives of many people. This includes the use of Crystals, star-shaped mirrors, specially colored (RED) doors and the like.

If you listen to many of these “teachers” they claim that if you practice this art, it will bring you the magic three. Do you know what the magic three are? They are Money, Love, and Health.

These three goals are really at the core of almost everything that you and I do everyday. But suffice it to say that there are no “magic bullet”. There are no “cure alls”. You still have to have goals and work toward them, and actually do something.