Mental Health ahd Feng Shui


What some may not realize about mental healthis that it is as important as physical health. The physical and the mental need to work together in a more symbiotic manner, in fact. So, what is health? Health is a level of existence whereupon there is a good balance of pertinent factors. It is a standard for which one is wise to achieve.

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But, good mental health does not just happen, not on the norm. On the norm, it must be cultivated, worked on, acknowledged and then maintained. When we are well, then we are healthy. This means that the five critical areas in our lives must be in balance. Those five items as described Myers, Sweeney and Witmer are spirituality, work, leisure, friendships and self-direction. This is their interpretation of a functioning wellness model. It is appealing based solely on the logic alone. It just makes sense.

So, what does one need to do to get better mentally? Do you need counseling or psychotherapy? Most of us do, even those of us who have done it, often need to maintain it, particularly when we become ensconced in an unhealthy relationship.

Relationships, for example fit together like puzzle pieces. When one party becomes mentally healthy, it necessarily affects the other party as the healthy piece will outgrow the other piece or the other one will grow too. This is an optimal expectation. Things may not occur in that manner, unfortunately.

Because good mental health is a job that one should strive to do.



Worrying and doubting can suppress one’s energy system and many other body functions: the stomach becomes acidic, the breathing gets shallow and the levels of blood sugar fluctuate. Moreover, chronic worry and doubt can lead to eating disorders, particularly sugar cravings. Over time these disorders may lead to debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and immune system deficiencies. Constant worry can make someone to lose touch with the current moment.

This is where acupressure comes in handy. If you are stressed and fatigued, preoccupied with physical problems and unable to cope with stresses, acupressure can help you to be in touch with your current situation. Trust is the foundation for spiritual and emotional growth. Acupressure focuses on positive thinking, which is an effective measure for trusting yourself and overcoming harmful influences of worries and doubts. Simple acupressure point techniques can minimize the long-term effects of stress and reduce the anxiety occasioned by the stress itself.