There are many different ways Feng Shui to keep your animals healthy. I am mostly referring to dogs here, but all animals need to be kept healthy, and different types of pets have different needs.

Be sure to get your pet all his/her scheduled check-ups and vaccinations. Medications for heart worm as well as for fleas and ticks are important for dogs.

Your pet needs fresh, clean water available to him or her at all times. Feeding your pet the proper daily nutritious food will help optimize your pet’s health.




Most dogs love exercise. Exercise feng shui is important for your dog. Walking or jogging with your dog is a good exercise for both of you. Fetching a thrown or hit ball also provides good exercise for your dog. Smaller dogs may be able to get enough exercise indoors.

Be sure to keep your pet away from products that could harm him/her. Some dogs will eat almost anything. Be particularly careful watching that puppies do not swallow anything harmful.

It is important that your pet knows his/her physical boundaries so he/she stays safe. If you are having problems teaching your dog to stay out of the street, be sure he cannot run into the street until he has learned his boundaries.

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All pets need love and attention. Most dogs want only to please you. They will love you and remain loyal to you throughout their lives. Be sure to give them the love and attention they need and deserve.


Do dogs and fleas have to go together?


Yes and no. If a dog lives in an area where fleas breed and live, then yes, the dog will have fleas – that is, unless the dog receives proper preventative treatment.

The good news is that there are several medications feng shui available that can help to eliminate this problem. The treatments are effective in ridding the animal of fleas and in preventing new ones.

The top reason dog owners give for not using the treatments consistently often relates to the cost. The good news for dogs and dog owners alike is that the medications can be purchased through pet meds at a tremendous savings.

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