help of Feng Shui

Life is full of peaks and valleys. Depression occurs even for experienced masters of Feng Shui.
Depression comes in different forms. We will not discuss the severe forms of depression, but the mild form, like how you feel on the “it-has-no-point” and “I-would-stay-in-bed-lying” day. Because for these phases there are simple tips and tricks that can help you out.


Tip 1:
Do not take yourself too seriously

Benjamin Franklin said: “The only two things you can not walk away from in life death and taxes”. In addition, he forgot one thing: “grief”. Sadness also no one can escape. Everyone becomes sad in his life. Sometimes you can be sad and depressed about things that are really not that bad. Do not be sad. Self-pity gets you nowhere. Keep in mind that even this difficult time will pass.
Tip 2:
Go do something

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Do not stay home on the sofa sitting lost in thought. This way you will stay in that circle going around. Go do something! What you will do is not so important as you become active. Go hiking in the woods, grab your bike and go to the market or go on visit to an old friend. Evrything is better than staying at home in front of the TV.

 help of Feng Shui

Tip 3:
Where you can experience fun?

If you’re depressed, you often do not feel like doing anything. Probably reading the tip 2 you think “phew, I have no desire!” or “Tip 3 What?”. Well, this tip is just for you!
Write a list of activities you normally enjoyed doing. Okay, you feel like nothing fun to do. However, if you list your fun things to do, you just select one of them and go do it. You’ll see, you will after a while secretly really have fun.

Tip 4:
Talk about it

Open your heart to someone you trust. It’s not about tips that you should ask the person you’re talking to, or asking for his or her opinion, it is just that you can tell your story. You will see that this is very liberating.

Tip 5:
Dare to cry

If you feel the tears coming, then let them run wild. Do not be ashamed of your tears. Crying is good, especially if you know why you cry.

Tip 6:
Analyze your situation

Sit down and think calmly about why do you feel so bad. If you know the cause you are one step closer to solution.

Tip 7:
Learn to give

As a child you have probably already formed an ideal picture of how your life would become. In later life, you have certain goals set for yourself and you have dreams where you want to be or go. Unfortunately, not all feasible. You must learn to accept that.
If you keep trying to reach unrealistic goals on short or long term you will get depressed. Because they will not. If something is not working, say to yourself: “I did my best, but it is not working”. Here you do not feel bad conscience or failure of it. Every person has a limit.

 help of Feng Shui

Tip 8:
Work out

Numerous studies have shown that exercise can help combat depression. Anyway if you exercise regularly, do not hesitate to live a lot of time! Exercise is a great way to stop mental turmoil.

Tip 9:
Go Painting


Fight your bad mood into the art. Establish how you feel. It does not have to be beautiful or perfect. Try show your feelings in colors and shapes. Using colors for certain feelings such as: red for anger, black for sorrow, gray for anxiety, etc. You’ll be amazed what you can.

Tip 10:


Today everyone is rushed, everything must be done quickly and accurately. This often leads to stress. Frequently follows a prolonged stress depression. Try to break the circle of stress and fatigue by taking time for yourself. Take a day off, sleep late, take a soothing bath, read a good book and be especially selfish for once! Do what YOU want, not what someone else wants you to do.

Tip 11:

Wait to make important decisions. If you’re not feeling well you are not ready to decide anything. Your emotions can quickly take over if you have something to decide.
Tip 13: Do not buy
Do not go shopping to feel better. Even if you feel better just by a new purchase, when you get to the end of the month your account will look at laugh at you again soon perish.
Tip 14:
Leave the refrigerator close

Often people begin to eat when they feel depressed. This displays a full and happy feeling, but once the pounds will arrive a sense of regret and maybe even a new creep depression. Prevention is better than cure. If you find you want to eat, go check out a walking tour. Far from the refrigerator.

Tip 15:
Eat Healthy

Nutrition sends more than you think. A healthy body is the basis for a healthy mind. You have especially B vitamins and various amino acids.