Feng Shui Social Media



Social media is an effective platform through which people are able to interact with one another. And social networking sites like Facebook form an integral part of this online interaction world using which you can connect with your families and friends.

Considered one of the well-known features of the internet, the pros and cons about social media and networking sites is highly debatable and depends largely on the way you use it and for the reason you use it.




Among the various networking sites, Facebook tops the list. In fact, this site is so much in demand that almost everybody who is acquainted with the online world have opened their account in Facebook.

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Recently, it has declared that its users amount have reached a billion, thereby making it the most active and popular networking sites when compared to the others. Let us now take a look at the pros and cons about social media with respect two important concerns, i.e. health and safety.


When health is a concern Feng Shui


Studies Feng Shui reveal that networking sites help lessen health issues. When you are hooked into these sites and are busy chatting and interacting with people you know and don’t know, you’ll hardly have any time left to get worried about unwanted issues, work pressures, to name a few. In a way, it helps you keep off psychological problems and depressions.

On the other hand, teens using Facebook frantically often show narcissistic affinities while grown ups can experience psychological disorders like mania, anti-social behaviors and hostile tendencies.

Studies reveal that college students, middle school and high school who check Facebook at an interval of as short as 15 minutes are more susceptible to health issues and also attain lower grades in their examination because they devote more time on this site and less time on studies.

However, these problems can be kept to the minimum if parents evaluate their kid’s activities on networking sites and remove inappropriate connections or content. Teens and adults should also adapt to self-control process and limit their access to Facebook.



Feng Shui when Safety is a Concern


Investigation agencies find social networking sites an efficient tool to get hold of criminals, particularly organized gangs. On the other hand, police departments are also using networking sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to get in touch with the community, which in turn poses a threat for the officers’ safety.

Alleged gang members keenly use well-liked sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, but at the same time they also drift to various lesser-known networking sites. To combat this, investigation agencies may choose IP addresses at ordinary locations like local college or public library, so that suspects find hard to comprehend that their system activities are being tracked by the police.

Pros and cons can be termed as the two different facets of the same coin. The same rule of thumb is applicable while discussing the pros and cons about social media as well. If you know about the adverse consequences and work hard to keep off from them, then social networking sites can turn out to be a boon for you.

But then, if you aren’t careful about its cons and continue taking up the wrong path while networking, the ball may not be in your court. So, stay safe, be careful and enjoy the advancements in technology at its best.