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Feng shui mirrors are tools that have been used in the art and practice of this craft for thousands of years.
In feng shui we understand that harmony, balance are peace are paramount. The use of various objects to achieve that aim is what we’ll address in this piece.

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Recall that the ancient use of mirrors can be added to strike or enhance balance. We almost must consider the use of the other elements.




1. Wood
2. Fire
3. Water
4. Earth
5. Metal

Do you believe that the use of mirrors in feng shui is what the ancients practiced generations ago? There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the practice of feng. When you look at how ancients were able to achieve balance, harmony and peace by strategically using all of the elements above you may wonder if you’ll be able to do the same.


Consider the five elements feng shui, listed above


You’ll notice that they sort of feed off of each other. Water feeds wood, because if no water fed the trees we’d have no wood. Metal destroys wood because the saws we use to cut down trees are made of metal and steel. Finally, please notice that wood feeds fire. Can you see how each of these elements is really dependent upon the other in order for it to achieve its purpose? So, you can see the need to have balance between all of these elements in order to survive and thrive in life.



In the old days, the mirrors used in feng shui were a common way to bring in the element of metal


Since mirrors back then were made of metal to some degree. That is how the reflection action was manufactured.

An adept that noticed a dark or warm room that included lots of plants and greenery, representing the earth element, would often have mirrors introduced to balance the energy of that room. Using mirrors in feng shui for earthy dominated rooms was a clever way to offset the earthy element.

Today, when you use mirrors in feng shui, there is a difference in achieving the level of balance once achieve by the ancient experts because the mirrors of today are really not made of metal. Most are from hybrid materials that are more plastic than made of metal.

You can use mirrors to reflect light, and add warmth to space while elevating the positive energy. Many mirrors that are strategically placed are able to make rooms appear larger and more open than they really are. Some practitioners concerned with adding spice into their bedrooms will add mirrors on the ceiling to.

Mirrors are really not that expensive but it depends on where you shop for them. Whether you are looking to use Feng shui bedroom tips or just adding the mirrors for a decorative design element, they can really boost the energy and positivity of a room. As long as you counterbalance the rooms energy with the other elements available to you. And of course, you should consider altering the color scheme of the room as well as de-cluttering it a bit.