Feng Shui Course


Feng shui course of study could alert you to the possibility of making this practice a money making career. Feng shui is all about certain elements andbalancing them out. If you are the type of person that enjoys working with clients or corporations, this may be a good field for you to venture into.

In order to get your credentials and be taken seriously as a practitioner of feng shui you’ll probably have to get into a course of study. If you look around in your nearest city, you’ll probably see a community college or university. They sometimes will offer courses for credit or for the experience of broadening your horizons. Either way you choose you can benefit greatly.

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Before you spend dime though it would be good to read up on the subject a bit. Are you wondering if everything you read is true or not? I mean, paintyour front door red in order to attract money and prosperity may seem a bunch of bunk? Or is it?


Feng Shui is all about order, harmony, peace


Feng Shui is all about order, harmony, peace and well placement of things in order to achieve that feeling of calm. If you
still cling to the notions that this just “cannot be true” we’ll give you a little experiment below to test your harmony IQ.

Some of the elements of feng is that of working with nature. You have wood, fire, water, metal, and the earth. You can use elements in each of these broad categories to achieve an effect. For example, if you are like the millions of office workers that work around computers under florescent lighting, you’d be well advised to add in a few live plants to your cubicle. A University of Texas study has shown that those workers that do add the plants to their office working areas are happier, and of course that leads to greater productivity, which if we carry this a little further brings in more prosperity including money.


Here is your Harmony IQ Test


It should come as no surprise to your that in your first feng shui course you will probably be instructed in the benefits of order and placement of things.This is just basic Feng 101. As an experiment, when you get home, I want you to clear out your office. You know that home office where everything including the treadmill and spare boating parts are just sitting. If you de-clutter your office, I guarantee that you will feel better about going in there. It happens all the time. You clean out the garage and notice all the space you really do have to park your car and store your lawn equipment and you know, all the other things you own.


Go ahead and try it you might like it!


You see, when you clean out your closets or your office or your garage you feel less stressed. You are able to feel a since of completion to all of those projects that were left hanging unfinished. You are able to add peace, calm, order, harmony and balance back to your life. This is really amazing if you do it.