Feng Shui for Your Carer



Feng shui career opportunities are all around you. Some people think you have to be out in California in order to have a nice shot at this profession. It is true that Californians are very open to different ideas but lets not perpetuate the myth here. If you have a strong work ethic, entrepreneurial mindset and are willing to embrace the expanding global market place there is not limit to how far you can go. Notable Quotation “Nobody is a real loser, until they start blaming others.”
John Wooden
Legendary Basketball Coach. End Quotation

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But before you take off on that new career idea it is important to be a product of what you are offering. Here’s what I mean. You see this all the time. People that are going into a health fitness center as a personal trainer have clients that look to them for advice and expertise about diet, exercise health and nutrition and they (the trainers) are note representative of the advice they want you to take.

How does this apply to you? If you are one of those people that think that feng shui is a bunch of hocus pocus, you probably should not consider offering services to others. People can tell when you don’t believe in what you are offering or saying. It will be as easy as spotting a wooden nickel.

Well don’t worry, we have some great tips and pointers for those of you that might be interested in pursuing this as a profession.

As a professional, you’ll definitely have to have a great grasp of the basics. You see, feng shui is all about mood and placement of items. Balance, energy and the use of various elements in order to achieve peace, calm, and harmony.




Specifically, it is also about mood. In order to create the right mood a big part of that is not luck or anything like that. It comes down to your understandingof color. You can use colors to spark a certain someone to feel a special way. Think about just how true this is.

When you go to the hospital or to the doctors office have you ever noticed just how many times you see white, light airy bright colors? Even the uniforms, scrubs and shoes that hospital and doctors wear will often be bright or neutral colors.

Now, just why might that be? Because if you are in the hospital or doctors office they want the colors to not excite you or cause you resting blood pressureto increase. You can do this with colors an other tools in you feng shui tool box.




There is all types of scientific data that supports this fact to. Biologist understand that human beings respond to colors around them. If you’ll notice even further that the colors of many taxi cabs are not dark, or bright red, why? Because the taxi cab wants to be seen, they are easily noticeable and the use of red is left for emergency vehicles, paramedics, and the fire trucks.

So, if you want to get your career off the ground think about these everyday events we’ve mentioned above. Oh here’s another one. When you take your child to the pediatric dentist, you’ll notice not dark and warm colors but again, neutral, bright, sunshine and airy areas all around. Even the personnel that work there are coached to be warm, outgoing and very friendly. Why? Because a child may have one bad experience at the dentist that will forever mar them from wanting to return to the dentist.