Dear Friend,
Feng shui bedroom tips is a topic than many people are searching for online and in forums all over the internet. The truth of the matter is that you just like millions of other people may have a sad love life. It can get you down if you let it. From the stress we feel in trying to advance our careers, take care of aging parents and still have sexual energy is a wonder to anyone.

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—-Notable Quotable Thomas Jefferson used to say that you need to be careful of who you accept advice from.
Exceptional former President of The United States of America
—-End Notable Quotable Millions of people are bombarded with “SPAM” emails heralding the latest and greatest “love pill” that will give your relationship that zip it once had. But, should you really take those pills from a company you’ve never heard of? Or worse yet, from a distributor that has no “legal” address and doesn’t respond to email inquiries? I think you know better than that.

Feng shui is a process that shows much promise when it comes to improving pretty much anything in your life. From your love life to your career, you can use some aspects of this ancient art totally undetected. That is no one has to know you are using these sage and proven principle, unless you tell them. But lets just deal with the love life aspect right now.




If you are looking to add some power, spice and vitality into your bedroom activities feng shui can do that for you.

Okay. If you do want to add some energy into your bedroom actions it is important to understand that you can have one or the other but not both.

You cannot have a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at the same time as having vitality, power and energy into the same area (the bedroom). Quite simply, the two forces are mutually exclusive. They are opposites. So, select one or the other…cozy comfy ready to relax, unwind and sleep like a log. Or are you ready for passionate, energy expending love nesting?




With the second stage of the mini-bedroom makeover we are going to have you tidy things up a bit. Just follow these steps and you’ll be finished with tip number two.

1. Take a few deep breaths. Really strive to inspire deeply and allow yourself to release the air in a controlled fashion. Do at least four to eight deep breathes.

2. Open your eyes and while standing in the center of your bedroom, look around you. Take your time. Don’t rush this. Turn from your left to your right in a full circle. Try to see everything as it is currently placed in your bedroom.

One of the most important tenets of feng shui is energy. You’ll probably need to de-clutter your room and move out anything and everything that is pulling your energy down. If you are trying to create a romantic mood in your bedroom, this is not the place to have a bunch of children’s toys, a dusty old exercise bike upon which you’ve been hanging all those clothes that you cannot fit into any longer.

You should pull those things out of there because they detract from the mood needed to have a good vibrant sex life. Add to this list dirty laundry, bills that need filing, old worn out Stilletos you will no longer where. This is very important stuff here.

If you take these steps you’ll notice just by de-cluttering your bedroom, more energy, positive life giving sexual energy will soon take the place of what was once an energy drainer. There is no way for your to feel relaxed and sexually in tune to your partner when you look over and see the over due mortgage coupon payment booklet just a few feet away.




In our third and final tip, when you think of a warm and inviting or romantic area, you cannot help but feel the aspects of color seeping into your imagination. That is because the dark colors can remind you of the spice and energy you want to add to your life.

You may add an accented wall with a special color to give off that natural energy. For instance, Cayenne red, is a hot color. This will add the spark you need to your bedroom. To create that bedroom energy and tensions, just paint one wall or a couple of walls in your bedroom a spicy shade. This will give you and your partner a boost like nothing else.

You can also consider adding or mixing your current color schemes to include hot cocoa, warm browns for soothing effect. This of course depends upon the original goal you stated in the beginning of this piece. By thinking about these colors in advance and allowing the effects of colors on your mind and body they will translate into the mood you are trying to create.

These are just three of the many tips and tricks of using Feng Shui for more, S-E-X, love, money and well, anything else you want. You can download the rest of these tips right here.

Now go and enjoy!