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About half of the world’s population is reported to having faced insomnia at one point in life. Sleep is a basic need in life.
Without sleep, humans can break down both physically and emotionally and according to doctors, continuous lack of sleep can ultimately cause death. Lack of sleep causes sluggishness, moodiness and lack of concentration.

Sleep problems occur even for experienced masters of Feng Shui, and young people.

However, a lot of people complain about insomnia all the time, a majority of them turn to sleeping pills to help them get some sleep. Just because a doctor recommended a pill, that does not mean that an individual has a medical condition inhibiting sleep, most times doctors don’t have time to look at the condition in detail thus end up drawing wrong conclusions.


Eating food in bedroom


Eating before bedtime, affects sleep in a lot of ways than it was previously thought. One of the most obvious foods is caffeine mostly found in coffee; a lot of people don’t actually know that caffeine is available in a number of foods other than coffee such as soda and chocolate.

Nicotine also induces wakefulness and as much as alcohol may initiate feelings of drowsiness, it inhibits a deep continuous night sleep. Fatty, spicy and acidic foods kill sleep efforts since they cause heartburn, heartburn gets worse when a person lies down thus effectively promoting insomnia.

Aged cheese, smoked or processed meats, soy and tomato-based sauces are the other kinds of foods meant to keep you awake at night. A large meal three hours before bedtime prevents sleep as the body is trying to digest all the food, a light snack no more than 600 calories is recommended for a good night sleep.

People have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and drinking water, as much as this may be considered a harmless action, it takes 90 minutes for the body to process liquids of any kind thus leading to sleep insomnia.

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