What is the origin of Feng Shui?


6,000 years ago in China, Feng Shui was first known as ‘Kan Yu’, meaning simply, ‘look up – look down’ . Ancient Chinese man was birthing environmental awareness through observation.

They observed how secure and comfortable they felt with an arm-chair shaped mountain behind them ( in the ‘sitting’ position) ; and they observed how successful and prosperous they became with a body of water ( or open space ) in front of them, ( in the facing position) ; and they observed how with both those factors in place, they also experienced added health happiness and harmony.

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Ancient Chinese man had become aware that the way things were placed, caused the energy or Qi ( Chi) as they called it, to flow along a certain path, in a certain manner causing certain predictable outcomes.

This method is called ‘Form School’ and was the first method to be introduced into the West in the early 80s.

As the ancient documentation continued, the Chinese observed energy cycles, patterns and fluctuations repeating themselves simultaneously with the shifts of the stars and planets, and the predictable affect these had on man. This is called the ‘Flying Star’ method. This classical method, in conjunction with a compass direction, and the year the roof went on the building, uses ancient calculations to map the ‘flying stars’ onto your floor plan.




The Chinese relate every-thing, every direction, every star, to one of the five elements, i.e. fire, earth, metal, water or wood. Through the ‘Flying Star’ calculations It becomes clear which elements are residing, and where, and which elements are visiting where, and exactly where the negative and positive areas are. Each element or combination of elements has a predictable outcome. A negative energy can be lessened, or a positive energy can be enhanced..

Example: A positive area containing the fire element star would be enhanced when the wood element is added, as wood feeds fire; on the other hand it would be destroyed if the water element were added, because water puts out fire, and a third possibility, if the fire element needed a little containing, but not extinguishing, then a little earth element would be added to control it..

Therefore, whatever Chi ( created by the stars, which we interpret in the form of the assigned element ) is resident or visiting, if it is undesirable, or desirable, adding the proper element will maximize the balance.

In addition to considering the energy of the building, form, compass and all that that entails, each one of us has several elements in our personal make-up. Access to this information requires the hour, day, month, and year of birth of each person. If a personal chart shows too much of one element, or not enough of another element; the environment, the decor, the colors, the placement and direction of areas used can help to adjust this in-balance for us, and create the desired outcome for the Feng Shui Reading, which is; to bring as much health happiness and prosperity as we can to our experience.


What is included in a reading by Feng Shui Linlee?


1. Shape/Form, (KAN YU ) overall energy flow evaluation.
2. Compass, direction of the ‘sitting and facing’.
3. Year built, resident energy analysis.
4. Flying Star, calculations, visiting energy analysis.
5. Personal elemental evaluation, based on the hour day month and year of birth.
6. Your personal . . .
(a) compatibility with the space
(b) best directions for sleep / health, and for work / $, and those to avoid
(c) best colors or elements, and those to avoid.
(d) romance, and those to avoid!
7. Overall Feng Shui Reading, with elemental analysis and recommendations.






Readings start at $ 200:00 and includes the first 500 square feet. After that it is an additional .08 cents per square foot. ( This is for Local readings,for out of town, add expenses and an additional $ 100:00 per day away.)

How long does it take?
Depending on the size and complexity from two to four hours.

About Linlee.
Trained by the worlds two most learned and sought after Feng Shui Masters in the United States, and China, Master Larry Sang, and Master Raymond Lo.

During ten years of study, and seven of consulting, Linlee has been awarded up to the advanced level, and teacher status, in Feng Shui.

Supportive / related studies include: Garden Feng Shui, 4 Pillars of Destiny, Zi Wei Astrology, Ji Ching, Chinese hand and face reading, Chinese bamboo painting and calligraphy.


Testimonials Feng Shui


I WAS HEALED! H.H. from Santa Monica, Ca. said… “After many months of chest pains with no help from doctors, who were unable to identify the problem. During the Feng Shui reading, Linlee installed a canopy to the ceiling over my bed,” re-directing the ‘chi’, the flow”, she said. I slept like a baby that night, awoke pain-free, and the pains have never returned. It was a miracle.”

HOUSE SOLD! B. and D.H. from Las Vegas Nevada wrote…” Our house had been on the market for almost a year with few or no interested buyers. Linlee came and performed a Feng Shui evaluation, and after installing a few simple remedies both out-side and inside, within a week, the house was in escrow, at the asking price, thank-you Linlee.”

HEALTH and HARMONY R.J. !000 Oaks, Ca.says… “The children were always fighting and sick, after Linlee told us what to do, they are friends, and their grades went way up at school because they are hardly ever sick any more. It really works. Thank-you.”

PRODUCTIVITY M.M., Pasadena Ca. quote ” As soon as the remedies were in the office things calmed down, and productivity was up, good job Linlee.”

PEACE and PROSPERITY L.S. Malibu, “Dearest Linlee, It is amazing, I now realize now how valuable your Feng Shui is. Remember my main business office was in my house, and business was faltering? Well we took your advice and moved from that house with angles and beams, ( that were making my whole family crazy, and disorganized, plus not sleeping well) to the house you recommended, and one year later my family is sane and business has quadrupled. Thank-you”.

I FOUND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE M.D. Hollywood Ca. ” I told Linlee what I wanted, I did what she said, and now I am moving to Chicago to be with my love. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you, she is great.”

I FOUND THE JOB OF MY DREAMS V.S. Arcadia. Ca. ” I had been out of work for months and I attended one of Linlees introductory Feng Shui Seminars. I had her come to my house for a reading, and within a month had a job better that I even hoped for. I know it was due to the change in energy after we did all the Feng Shui adjustments with the elements. I highly recommend her to any-one.”


2018 Year of the Golden Dog

Welcome to Year of the Golden Dog

Welcome to Year of the Golden Dog


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Das Kommenden 2017 Wird ein Jahr des Feng Shui, der Hahn sein.
Die Dekoration zu Hause oder im Büro ist ein Bild oder Eine Statue sterben EINEN Feurigen Hahn sitzt auf den Goldmünzen darstellt.
Dies ist das Feng Shui ist es, Finanzielle Wohlstand zu bringen.